In the UK it's not easy to start your own company without the necessary expertise. With the Fantastic Academy, you can take cost-effective and comprehensive online classes and gain extensive experience in business start up. Our experience helps us to share it with people who want to start up or develop a business.

Our classes provide all sorts of knowledge from the general to the unique. You will learn the basic principles for preserving and optimizing the value of the property. We also want you to develop your skills and offer the best service to your clients. This is why we're going to give you radical guidance. It will make it easy to comprehend and execute. Our classes go in comfortable and informal surroundings, and we ask a lot of questions from delegates.

Besides the expectation of most of the people, some of the most profitable franchises in the UK come from a much larger range of industries. Many more franchise options deliver low-cost ownership to buyers, with slightly higher returns on average investments. One of the most valuable options is connected with property maintenance service industry. For example, home healthcare, cleaning services, pets and so on. So, if you intend to start a business on your own, you can take a course by Fantastic Academy.

We offer two options - Silver Package and Gold package. Silver Training is so-called Basic Training for gardeners, Cleaners, Movers and so on. It includes technical knowledge about how to provide the service, how to prevent damages, how to deal with customers and so on. That training is suitable for both individuals and companies when they are looking for developing or improving the services.

Gold Training is a combination of Silver Training and Business Package Modules. That training is also suitable for all kind of delegates. The difference between these two is sensible. Taking that Gold Package you open the door to mane business opportunities - starting a business investing in a franchise and so on. You will learn everything you need to know to be successful. And when you are about to start a business we can offer you professional software for managing your business easily.